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Bankruptcy Procedures in Richmond, Virginia

It is very important to understand that different types of personal bankruptcy options may be available to you. Agarwal Law Firm in Richmond, Virginia, assists indebted clients through their bankruptcy procedures.

Bankruptcy Differences
Chapter 13 bankruptcy lets you make a plan where you pay a portion of your debt over a number of years. This plan is best for people who have valuable items they want to keep, such as a house. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is complete liquidation, when you want to remove your debt entirely. This plan works well for people without insurance who incurred huge medical expenses, or those with credit card debt too large to ever be paid back in full.

Courthouse - Bankruptcy Procedures in Richmond, VA

Free Financial Consultation
The best way to start is with a phone consultation. After a series of questions to determine if you qualify for bankruptcy, we discuss your personal situation. Then, we thoroughly discuss all available options with you. We cannot emphasize enough that this is a free consultation and you have nothing to lose from it.

Debt Relief
Once we have assessed your situation, we go to court with you, a judge, and a trustee. We file a petition with the court with a plan to rid the debt. Using us as attorneys will make you aware of all your legal options. There are many laws and details in which we are experts. We help you make sure that you do not lose everything and work to help you get ahead again.

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